CBD Products

Binetics Labs CBD Tinctures


Binetics experienced technicians can formulate a tincture product that is customized to fit your needs. Our advanced technology and manufacturing procedures allow for the kind of customization that can set you apart from the competition.

Binetics Labs CBD


CBD Softgels give you predictable results in an
easy to swallow capsule.
They are made using our next gen technology, making each water-soluble softgel more bio conscious

Binetics Labs CBD


We are in development for a variety of candies.
Contact us direct for more information

Binetics Labs CBD Gummies


Gummies are more food-like than other dosage forms, they taste delicious, are easy to chew and swallow. Gummies are an enjoyable and easy way to take for those people that want an alternative option for the CBD

Binetics Labs CBD Topicals


Offering all types of personal products. Currently producing CBD lotions, balms, serums, rubs, cleansers and more custom options.. Our topical manufacturing service allows you the opportunity to develop your OWN line of topical products that are in high consumer demand.