Manufacturing CBD Oil

The CBD Manufacturing process includes the hemp processing, extraction, isolation and manufacture of finished products containing CBD and no THC. Binetics Labs services produce high quality CBD products from hemp and hemp derived ingredients such as CBD Oil, CBD Distillate or CBD Isolate.

Before that can occur, the CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and other ingredients must be manufactured to a standardized form so they can be used in finished products. At Binetics labs we have the experts that can readily do this process providing the quality you expect to have when finished. This requires a documented and consistent process for producing CBD oil and other high value manufacturing ingredients which can be derived from hemp, varieties of cannabis containing <0.3% THC.

This is the critical aspect of all of our manufacturing and Binetics has all the approved testing documents to back the quality that we provide.

The CBD Manufacturing process contains many steps from seed to sale. Because CBD is intended for use as a medicine, or a food supplement, it is essential that both hemp cultivation and CBD extraction and manufacture follow GMP CBD Manufacture (Good Manufacturing Practice) – the standards that ensure safe production of food and drugs.

Binectics currently produces Tinctures, Gummies, Capsules and more coming soon.
Binetics Labs also offers a variety of already established brands for sale in your retail stores. Inquire on what brands are available currently.